We invent and study technologies that enable people to connect and collaborate in new ways. We do this by building prototypes, launching experimental products, and studying how people use them to guide future technology investments. We publish and share our insights with the broader research community in venues like CHI, CSCW, UbiComp, and UIST.

Our keywords: social computing, ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, wearables


We are recruiting interns for spring, summer, and fall of 2022. Our research focuses on understanding and/or building playful social systems that can empower how we express ourselves and interact with each other.

We primarily hire PhDs students with a strong track record of publications in HCI venues, but we also hire a handful of undergraduate and master’s students with research experience and strong engineering and/or design skills. Our research interns get to work with a variety of technologies (e.g. AR, IoT, biosignals) and devices (e.g., smartglasses, watches). The internship projects have led to publications at top-tier conferences (e.g., CHI, CSCW, UbiComp), new experimental products, and integration with existing ones.

All interested students should apply online. Applications should include a CV and a research statement articulating how your prior work/skills align with our research initiatives and the internship's ideal outcome.


💪 Effortful communication

How can we support meaningful social interactions through digital effort?

Looking for summer/fall interns with engineering (iOS and/or Unity) or design background, interested in participating in creating a new research-driven product.

📸 Future of moments

How can we relive moments in more immersive ways that enable people to feel they like re-experiencing them?

Looking for year-round PhD interns with experience building systems (AR, CV) and doing mixed methods research. Experience in AR/VR UI design is a plus.

🖼 Understanding NFT communities

How are creators and audiences engaging with new forms of exchange for digital creations?

Looking for spring interns with mixed methods research experience and prior work in online communities and crypto technologies.

🌎 Building Social Immersive Experiences

How can we democratize the creation of the next generation of ubiquitous computing multi-sensory applications?

Looking for year-round PhD interns with experience in ubiquitous computing, including AR, IoT, and wearables and passion for experiencing/creating immersive experiences.

👤 Inclusive avatars

How can avatar creation systems be more inclusive of people with disabilities?

Looking for a summer PhD intern with qualitative skills and a strong research background in accessibility, interested in working at the intersection of research and product.

👨‍👧‍👧 Playful co-location

How can we design playful technologies that foster in-person interactions rather than distract us away from the people around us?

Looking for year-round interns with a background in design and AR engineering (AR/VR) and qualitative research.


We also host a bi-weekly seminar where we have conversations with renowned researchers, technologists, and designers about their work at the intersection of people and technology. Previous speakers include Andy Wilson (MSR), Jeremy Bailenson (Stanford), Jenn Thom (Spotify), Michael Bernstein (Stanford), Mar Gonzalez Franco (MSR), Jinha Lee (Spatial), Katherine Isbister (UC Santa Cruz), Benjamin Stokes (AU), Michael Nebeling (Michigan), Tim Hwang, Casper ter Kuile, Daniel Epstein (UCI), among others.