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Human Computer Interaction

We invent and study technologies that enable people to connect and collaborate in new ways. In our group, we build prototypes, launch experimental products, and study how people use them to guide future technology investments. We publish and share our insights with the broader research community in venues like CHI, CSCW, UbiComp, UIST, and others. 

We currently focus on supporting social presence, both in-person and remote—with a particular interest in playful and creative interactions among close ties. Our research initiatives include designing technologies that a) enable communication to be experienced more deeply, using smart glasses and AR?  b)  enable authentic and emotional interactions between people, leveraging sensed data? c) foster, rather than detract, from in-person interactions, through playful AR experiences? 

Our methods involve building prototypes, launching experimental products, and studying how people use them.

 Keywords: social computing, ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, wearables