Neural Hair Rendering

Menglei Chai, Jian Ren, and Sergey Tulyakov
Event ECCV 2020
Research Areas Computer Vision, Creative Vision


In this paper, we propose a generic neural-based hair rendering pipeline that can synthesize photo-realistic images from virtual 3D hair models. Unlike existing supervised translation methods that require model-level similarity to preserve consistent structure representation for both real images and fake renderings, our method adopts an unsupervised solution to work on arbitrary hair models. The key component of our method is a shared latent space to encode appearance-invariant structure information of both domains, which generates realistic renderings conditioned by extra appearance inputs. This is achieved by domain-specific pre-disentangled structure representation, partially shared domain encoder layers, and a structure discriminator. We also propose a simple yet effective temporal conditioning method to enforce consistency for video sequence generation. We demonstrate the superiority of our method by testing it on large amount of portraits, and comparing with alternative baselines and state-of-the-art unsupervised image translation methods.

Keywords: Neural rendering, unsupervised image translation