Gourmet photography dataset for aesthetic assessment of food images

Kekai Sheng, Weiming Dong, Haibin Huang, Chongyang Ma, Bao-Gang Hu
Event SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
Research Areas Computer Graphics, Computer Vision

Abstract: In this study, we present the Gourmet Photography Dataset (GPD), which is the first large-scale dataset for aesthetic assessment of food photographs. We collect 12,000 food images together with human-annotated labels (i.e., aesthetically positive or negative) to build this dataset. We evaluate the performance of several popular machine learning algorithms for aesthetic assessment of food images to verify the effectiveness and importance of our GPD dataset. Experimental results show that deep convolutional neural networks trained on GPD can achieve comparable performance with human experts in this task, even on unseen food photographs. Our experiments also provide insights to support further study and applications related to visual analysis of food images.