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Data Augmentation for Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition

Leonardo Neves, Shuguang Chen, Gustavo Aguilar, Thamar Solorio
EventEMNLP (Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing), 2021
Research AreasComputational Social Science

Current work in named entity recognition (NER) shows that data augmentation techniques can produce more robust models. However, most existing techniques focus on augmenting in-domain data in low-resource scenarios where annotated data is quite limited. In contrast, we study cross-domain data augmentation for the NER task. We investigate the possibility of leveraging data from high-resource domains by projecting it into the low-resource domains. Specifically, we propose a novel neural architecture to transform the data representation from a high-resource to a low-resource domain by learning the patterns (e.g. style, noise, abbreviations, etc.) in the text that differentiate them and a shared feature space where both domains are aligned. We experiment with diverse datasets and show that transforming the data to the low-resource domain representation achieves significant improvements over only using data from high-resource domains.

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