Cross-modality consistent regression for joint visual-textual sentiment analysis of social multimedia

Quanzeng You, Jiebo Luo, Hailin Jin, Jianchao Yang
Event ACM International Conference on WSDM 2016
Research Areas Deep Learning

Abstract: Sentiment analysis of online user generated content is important for many social media analytics tasks. Researchers have largely relied on textual sentiment analysis to develop systems to predict political elections, measure economic indicators, and so on. Recently, social media users are increasingly using additional images and videos to express their opinions and share their experiences. Sentiment analysis of such large-scale textual and visual content can help better extract user sentiments toward events or topics. Motivated by the needs to leverage large-scale social multimedia content for sentiment analysis, we propose a cross-modality consistent regression (CCR) model, which is able to utilize both the state-of-the-art visual and textual sentiment analysis techniques. We first fine-tune a convolutional neural network (CNN) for image sentiment analysis and train a paragraph vector model for textual sentiment analysis. On top of them, we train our multi-modality regression model. We use sentimental queries to obtain half a million training samples from Getty Images. We have conducted extensive experiments on both machine weakly labeled and manually labeled image tweets. The results show that the proposed model can achieve better performance than the state-of-the art textual and visual sentiment analysis algorithms alone.