AO-Finger: Fine-grained Finger Gesture Recognition via Acoustic-Optic Sensor Fusion

Chenhan Xu, Bing Zhou, Guru Krishnan, Shree Nayar
Event CHI 2023
Research Areas Multi-modal Sensing, Wearables

Finger gesture recognition is gaining great research interest for wearable device interactions such as smartwatches and AR/VR headsets. In this paper, we propose a hands-free fine-grained finger gesture recognition system AO-Finger based on acoustic-optic sensor fusing. Specifically, we design a wristband with a modified stethoscope microphone and two high-speed optic motion sensors to capture signals generated from finger movements. We propose a set of natural, inconspicuous and effortless micro finger gestures that can be reliably detected from the complementary signals from both sensors. We design a multi-modal CNN-Transformer model for fast gesture recognition (flick/pinch/tap), and a finger swipe contact detection model to enable fine-grained swipe gesture tracking. We built a prototype which achieves an overall accuracy of 94.83% in detecting fast gestures and enables fine-grained continuous swipe gestures tracking. AO-Finger is practical for use as a wearable device and ready to be integrated into existing wrist-worn devices such as smartwatches.