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Snap Research Wins “Best in Show” Award at SIGGRAPH 2020

August 25, 2020

Snap Research’s Creative Vision team won the “Best in Show” award at SIGGRAPH 2020 Real Time Live for their demo, “Interactive Style Transfer to Live Video Streams.” The technology is the result of a collaboration between Senior Research Scientist Menglei Chai, former Research Intern Ondřej Texler, and Lead Research Scientist Sergey Tulyakov.

“The goal of 'Interactive Style Transfer' is to amplify an artist’s creativity by ‘learning’ from a stylistic example and propagating that style to the rest of the video,” said Sergey. 

SIGGRAPH 2020 image

The same work was also featured on Two Minute Papers

If you are interested in learning more about the authors, please visit their profiles on our Team page. The publication can also be found on our Publications page

Sergey Tulyakov, Lead Research Scientist

Menglei Chai, Senior Research Scientist